Azzawi: Egypt will have the largest share in the reconstruction of Iraq

Posted 15/03/2012 08:33 AM

BAGHDAD - Babinaoz (Reuters) - said the representative of Iraq to the Arab League Ambassador Qais Al-Azzawi The Egyptian companies will have the largest share in the projects, the reconstruction of Iraq, have returned that there are no impediments to the start of Egyptian-Iraqi relations to wider horizons. Explained Azzawi during a meeting with editors Arab affairs at the Commissary in Cairo that the problem of yellow remittances for Egyptian workers in Iraq, it was agreed to fully resolved and we are keen to establish relations with Egypt is perfect. "

In response to a question about the expected level of representation of Egypt in the Arab summit, expected Azzawi be representation at the highest level, stressing that Egypt is keen on the success of the Baghdad summit by virtue of its historical responsibility and role of cultural and pivotal in the region. Said the representative of Iraq to the Arab League, we are working in cooperation with Egypt now lift and increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries, which is now about $ 400 million only which does not rise to the level of relations between the two countries. He explained, "we seek to increase the volume of trade exchange with Egypt because the current level does not reflect at all the relations that link the two peoples," adding that "the volume of bilateral between Iraq and Turkey, with a $ 11 billion. "In response to a question on preparations for his country to climb the next Arab summit in the presence of some internal crises, the Representative of Iraq to the Arab League said that" his country has completed all preparations to receive the Arab leaders to attend the Arab summit. "

He pointed out that "any concern or fear of holding the summit in Baghdad is not justified, especially as the preoccupation with security was the main concern of the Supreme Committee that was formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and includes all ministries, and all the technical delegations of the Arab League, which visited Baghdad to stand on these preparations increased reports excellent about that. "