Economic parliamentary: the government can not loan the summit without returning to Parliament

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Twilight News / revealed the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, for the absence in the general budget for 2012 at no additional financial allocations to the requirements of the Arab summit, indicating that the government can not make a loan to finance the Arab summit without returning to the House of Representatives.

A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Abdul-Hussein Abtan for " Twilight News "that" the general budget for the current year and approved by the House of Representatives recently did not include additional financial allocations for the Arab summit. "

"The budget allocated for the Arab summit in the 2011 budget last year was a large and adequate, this Matben through the purchase of armored vehicles in amounts imaginary."

The Iraqi Council of Ministers announced, yesterday Tuesday, for approval to pay an advance for special requirements of the Arab summit, worth 100 billion dinars.

A statement issued by the cabinet and got "Twilight News", a copy of it, that the Council decided at its eleventh regular "approval to fund a project of the Arab summit conference in Baghdad, and his predecessor, paid by the Ministry of Finance of $ (100) billion dinars."

Abtan and that "any loan provided by the government Kt_khasasat extra for the Arab summit must pass through the House of Representatives."

The MP Jawad Alshahyla member of the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives said, earlier, said his committee will guide a formal letter from the presence of 400 armored car for the Arab summit by the government, not to pay cash and futures.