United Nations contracted with Shell to implement development projects in southern Iraq

03/14/2012 - 16:02

Economics and Business

Sumerian News / Baghdad announced that the United Nations, Wednesday, for its contract with Dutch-British Shell to implement a range of development projects in southern Iraq, indicating that the contract includes vocational training for the development of potential workers in the areas of oil and gas, as well as supporting projects in the country. The Director-General of the United Nations Development Peter Batchelor said in a statement issued by the International Organization today, and got "Alsumaria News", a copy of it, that "the United Nations signed an agreement with Dutch-British Shell to implement a range of development projects in southern Iraq for four years," noting that "the agreement was aimed to increase the number of development activities in local areas and to encourage Iraqi companies, small and medium enterprises, and providing vocational training in response to the needs of the Iraqi private sector. " The Batchelor "The quest of the United Nations to contract and partnership with one of the largest international oil companies invested in Iraq, is an important basis to build capacity and create opportunities work and build competitive markets a comprehensive and powerful in Iraq, "noting that" this would implement development programs in Iraq effectively. " The Director-General of the United Nations Development Programme, that "the contract includes the provision of vocational training to develop the capacity of Iraqi workers present and future to respond to the needs of the oil sector and gas, also includes the provision of necessary support for the establishment and development of micro, small and medium-sized. " He said, "The contract also includes securing a range of programs to improve the quality of basic services to residents of the province of Basra through the planning processes more inclusive and participatory, where the local communities and civil society organizations are able to identify their needs and priorities for development. " , said Vice President of Shell Hans Hickman said that "about 450 thousand people walk in a year to the labor market of Iraq," adding that "the private sector in Iraq provides a seven per cent of total employment, there is an increasing demand for labor local qualified, especially in the oil and gas sector is currently available. " and declared the United Nations during the year 2012 the current, that the rate of unemployment in Iraq, currently reaching 11.5% of the total population, slightly lower than in the past few years, and more than 20 percent of Iraqi youth are unemployed, while at least one woman out of five women in Iraq are unemployed, this is the rate of unemployment in Basra to 11 percent. Dozens of residents in terms of euphoria, in the province of Basra, yesterday Tuesday (13 March 2012) against Royal Dech Dutch-British Shell to protest the lack of employment in the Majnoon oil field near their areas, whose development with other companies. and won two British-Dutch Shell and Malaysia's Petronas in 2009 contract to develop the Majnoon oil field in Basra during the the first licensing round, with a share of the first 45 percent and the second 30 percent with the remainder of the share of the South Oil Company-governmental organizations. and Cabinet had agreed, in October of 2011 the past to establish a gas company of Basra, which will address the gas associated with oil from the Rumaila fields , Zubair, West Qurna partnership between the South Gas Company, owned by the Ministry of Oil by 51 percent and the two Royal Dech Shell by 44 percent, and Mitsubishi of Japan increased by five percent.