Kurdish lawmaker: the decision of the Council of Nineveh on the interpretation of Article [140] and unconstitutional interference in the work of the Federal Court

Wednesday, March 14 / March 2012 20:11

[Baghdad - where]

MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil today that the decision to reject the Nineveh Provincial Council Article [140] decision is unconstitutional and outside powers and interference in the work of the Federal Court, "asserting that he" does not reflect the opinion of the street and does not represent Musli and residents of Nineveh province. "

Khalil said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday that "the decision of the Council of the province of Nineveh on the article [140] is unconstitutional and illegal and outside the powers of the Council," stressing that "the Council interference in the work of the Federal Court is only empowered to interpret the terms of Constitution of Iraq. "

And added that "the decision of the Council of the province of Nineveh did not reflect the view of the street is not represented by Musli", calling for "accountability of the Council and resolved to overcome his legal and his intervention in the work of the Federal Court."

It was the province of Nineveh had voted unanimously during its regular held on Wednesday to reject the article [140] of the Iraqi Constitution and not to be applied in the province.

Article 140 of the constitution, to normalize the situation in the province of Kirkuk and disputed areas in other provinces, such as Nineveh and Diyala, and defined period of time ended in the atheist and the thirtieth of December 2007 for implementation of all provisions in the said article of the procedures, also left for the people of those areas freedom of self-determination of both survival and independent administrative unit or attached to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by organizing a referendum, but the obstacles many have led to delay implementation of some basic items in the same article of the reasons politicians say the Kurds it is political, while Baghdad says that the delay is intentional, knowing that he had previously of the Ministerial Committee responsible for enforcing the rule, if implemented some of its clauses, such as compensation for the victims, have not been implemented in the most important of which is the referendum on the fate of the city. ended .