Jubouri, demanding the release of the budget of Nineveh and arming tribal and support of Peshmerga for the Liberation of the province

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called for the entire budget of the province of Nineveh, arming and supporting the tribes of Peshmerga for the Liberation of the province firing.

Among al-Jubouri, during a speech at the first tribal conference to the province of Nineveh, which was held under the slogan {Nineveh liberation - him - Emaar} "Every day we meet and join together our efforts and shake the palms and think together, we approach our return to Nineveh, and this is today an important episode of Victory arrangements the expeditious, "adding that he" began to form the final image for a project editing Nineveh Nowhere is this historical position accession of all its people to the legions of editors, after God we edit gray and large areas around and we approach the full rebate of the declaration of Anbar province, editor demolished by her family heroes and collaborating Savior with their brothers the heroine of the army and security devices, which overcome the myth Daash and broke the will and proved to the world that the masses of teachers, engineers, students, peasants and workers were able to go to the arena of war, as they make life, while call them and invite them to be a cry silks and requires them attitude. "
"The editing process requires Thacadia effort exceeds the quantum numerical to the kind of professional and Lethal Weapon to deep idea, and media and promoting the abstract, to the awareness and education aimed, and at the same time, the faith of the need to return the right stolen rather than feelings of desire to fight and bear arms, noting that" the war we're in the presence of war and we do not have another about the option they are a means to the very stability and the return of the people of Nineveh to their homes, and believe the expression [it's a war for peace, which is an honor not a right that took away from one everyone partners in duty assignment as they are partners in the franchise pride and victory. "
He said the President of the House of Representatives that "migration of torment and pain experienced by the people of Nineveh Kahoanhm of the population of the occupied territories by more than a year and a half, not parallel, but the torment of our people abducted on the inside of Nineveh and are finding it from this organization offender all kinds of torture and abuse, and mass executions that affect sons Nineveh, every day, for no other reason but because they reject the injustice and humiliation they face from these oppressive junta that has violated every reasonable walls in the crime, and tasted our people in the great imprisoned varieties hurt and torment, noting which calls us and continued hard work and dedication and solidarity to work to accelerate the decoding families of Nineveh from the hand oppressors.
He added that "in this circumstance all of us required the creation of every battle needs first and foremost arming tribal fighters and support the Peshmerga forces that stand with Nineveh sons in the editing process, so that these forces be complete kit after the completion of the number for battle, and that the logistics needs of the requirements phase imposes on us support the province launched a full budget to accommodate the specific needs of the departments to maintain working behind the fighters to take care of the citizens of Nineveh Affairs in civil and service areas, as well as alleviate the conditions of the displaced people and those who have increased their needs with the length of the displacement, explaining that "what endured KRG commendable burdens during hosting and particularly Erbil and Dohuk province, which was the biggest weight on them in the care and support of the displaced people of Nineveh and meet their needs and to share with them the piece of bread in a historic position can only be described as worthy of Kurdistan's leadership, government and people. "
"The collaboration of the military forces and the sons of the tribes and Albeshmrگh heroes and solidarity in the processes taking place in areas where fighting is underway clear indication that we are embarking on a great victory with God's help make it harmony, cooperation and sincerity, assigned by the support of the international coalition, standing Medda his effort big international humanitarian organizations and all the cooperation, coordination and management of the central government and the General command of the armed forces and the unlimited understanding among all Iraqi military and security activities. "
He stressed, "God knows the size of our attention and our commitment to complete the liberalization of Nineveh is in the heart and all that stems from our knowledge of the importance of this ancient city and the generosity of its people and their authenticity, and components esteemed her family of Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, Muslims and Christians and Azidiin and Assyrians and all sects and ethnic components, and what they faced at the hands of the organization Daash terrorist criminal and what it has happened in the city of sabotage to build and its culture, its history and its heritage and its effects, and what happened from the captivity shameful for women and collective massacres of unspeakable forehead of history and humanity. "
He added that "what they contain this city of great wealth important site for Iraq and the region, all of this leads us to more of an effort to accomplish the task of editing, think seriously post-Daash to support stability, coexistence and diversity and the quest for the reconstruction of Nineveh better than it was, and all that can not clinching unless concerted local government and the provincial council and the central government and the support of the international community to achieve stability and supporting reconstruction campaign efforts, pointing out that we need to clans generous effort to achieve civil peace through community reconciliation and the formation of field committees with the clergy to besiege all kinds of differences in favor of the spirit of tolerance, and Payment towards the elimination of arbitration in disputes and trapping situations revenge. into thinking and collective punishment and rumor approach [no bearer of burdens shall bear another's burden and work to close ranks to overcome the difficult stage and pull the fuse random reactions and undisciplined. "