Financial secrets


Qais Qasim Agrh

Practically no financial secrets in Iraq, but the reasons are linked to the information that reveals surprisingly similar to those that accompany the secrets revealed some secrets Viznha incomplete.
Everything is clear and logical to link or any scientific observer of events. To follow, for example, some of these financial points:
The government did not comply with the operative part of Article 12 IV of the budget, which limits new appointment in the functions of the state population proportion and priority appointment of staff contracts. In every corner of each department, we find a violation of this article and we will find a breach of other material assignment recorded in the self-financing departments.
did not comply with those mentioned in Article 19 by deleting the higher grades, A and B, as did commit not to re-appointment under this budget bill labeled as text. If third-party owners published schedules for the years 2016 and 2015, the difference will become clear evident, and some may actually published under the public feeling insensibly to detail.
did not execute any character operative paragraph of Article 20 of the Second and concerned to compel the media and communications procuring amounts of fines and financial obligations of the mobile phone companies. These companies do not pay their obligations since 2011.
State departments did not comply with the operative part of Article 29, which oblige them to buy the products exclusively from the state departments that supplied the value added during the processing of not less than 25%. Circles still buy from local markets products available from the real Iraqi production, for example, oil companies are continuing to buy imported pipes instead of buying it from the General Company for Iron and Steel Plant and pipelines in Basra.
Budget payments to non-governmental entities, such as some trade unions without a legal basis for payment without clearly stated in the budget law continued. Which it is the concept of a commitment at all outside the legal context.

All we have said is not the secrets and perhaps lawmakers knew more than others especially those who come in contact with financial matters. Without they know it in detail because they are already Wen argued in its affairs, both in closed-door meetings or in the media. But surprisingly really strange that the mouths that did not keep quiet about every detail during the debate, now no longer even bother if the government violates the legal texts of the budget in broad daylight.
Parliament is still claiming that the government Thmhh, the government complains that Parliament hinder their plans for political reasons.
The two are still people living with this idea, which bears the results of the citizen alone.