BGG: Ok - I'm doing some posting as I sort thru this for you...
BGG: this may take a little longer than I normally take...
BGG: BGG News Times FLY!!
BGG: Let's take a stroll tonite...
BGG: BTW - if you haven't seen the video I posted at the beginning of THE BLOG for tonite... you should
BGG: https://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/
BGG: and if it doesn't give you goose-bumps... nothing will.
BGG: "My King" by SM Lockridge (courtesy of JetSet - one of our many resident Pastors).
BGG: You may well see some changes around here in the near future... maybe not...
BGG: I can assure you - I will do everything I can to be consistent and be here for you. No BS.
BGG: (and I doubt it's the changes you are thinking...)
BGG: for a very long time DU was famous for - and we prided ourselves on NEVER taking or making ANY Dinar Dealer endorsements - MANY YEARS...
BGG: Why did I change?? I truly felt we had landed in a place that was MUCH better for the average consumer and was well ahead of everyone else... that may have been true - with the exception of some SILLY licensing oversights...
BGG: were it not for a STUPID $50 license we might be in a very different place right now.
BGG: however, in the long run (if everything that is alleged is true) it is probably better this way.
BGG: things shook out - people have had time to make arrangements.
BGG: we - as a website are going to be as "autonomous" as we possibly can be...
BGG: we are here for one reason - share information. There are a GREAT MANY Researchers for whom this is their ONLY GOAL...
BGG: P.S. GOOD INFORMATION. News, comments, ideas... NOT BS
BGG: I am comfortable with us getting back to this for what it is...
BGG: us helping us...
BGG: people helping people.
BGG: we are so fortunate to have such a broad group of researchers willing (and able) to step in at a moments notice... (and those who drop by and share what they can - when they can)...
BGG: the other day - I pointed out to Mrs BGG - on one of the "chatter blogs"... over a 2 day period... they had only 3 postings that didn't start out here... WOW!!
BGG: KUDOS to our News peeps...
BGG: and here is the thing... our people post news, commentary, or some factual based interaction - by the time it gets doen being posted... they try and turn it into some many different predictions... it's not. It's just how we do.
BGG: so many (oops)...
BGG: I promise - I'm getting to our News Time...

jarhead: BGG u are the best part of this investment and al of our researchers bar none sir. We r grateful for ur services as well, and ur dedication to the site and us...............thank you sir

willie60 BGG: Thank you for that video. It always helps to remember what is really important and above all else. Sincerely thank you.


RickeyT: is this considered a long term investment again or are we lookig at something happening within the next 3 to 6 months still?

BGG RickeyT: IMHO - less than you are thinking... but maybe a bit longer than some are thinking...
BGG RickeyT: especially with this GOI "reforming"...
BGG RickeyT: BTW - IMHO a lot less than you are thinking...

RickeyT: that does take some pressure off, thank you

MArco: The conference on the 6 and 7th of march that was postponed from Jan. , is that about trade an do we think there must be a international currecny by then, does it have to do with business and pricing of goods.

BGG MArco: I highly doubt a conference will be where they do anything vital to this currency. They ALREADY KNOW WHERE IT NEEDS TO GO - what could they possibly do that matters in "conference format"??

MArco: i don;t know. thanks

BGG MArco: Abadi is fighting a MASSIVE FIGHT against corruption.

MArco: yep

BGG MArco: he's about to deal them a MASSIVE blow...
BGG MArco: usually when Abadi takes out one corrupt player he axes three - just for good measure.
BGG MArco: Malik, Najafi, Allawi...

MArco: I hope real quick thanks

BGG MArco: I am pretty sure this whole cabinet reform will result in a different appointment than Alak.
BGG MArco: ... to the CBI.

jarhead: Why is the value of their currency so difficult to be raised im lost cause they aint helping themselves
jarhead: paper/rock/scissors ??

mudder jarhead: That works

BGG jarhead: IMHO - Alak has obviously been a Maliki obstructionist agent...
BGG jarhead: think about it - Maliki appointed him within a month of being ousted...
BGG jarhead: could have been two weeks...

jarhead: true jackazz politics as usual

wmawhite BGG: IMO,....a lot of what we are seeing are the foundations of the institutions of a future Iraq being put into place. These institutions is what will give Iraq the opportunity to succeed in the future long after they enter the world markets.

BGG jarhead: or it's even simpler... thru Alak they have CONTINUED syphoning the CBI reserves and helping Iran thru the last stages of this time period...
BGG jarhead: THEY WERE GETTING RICH (ER) while doing it... it's probably that simple.

jarhead: now it stops due tosanctions lifted ??


BGG jarhead: probably both - sanctions and Abadi attacking corruption

jarhead: ok sorry sir

BGG wmawhite: There you are!!

wmawhite BGG: yep

jackflash101st: Is the 101st still at the green zone? If so any idea how long they'll remain there?

BGG jackflash101st: I heard they were headed there - there is no doubt this is the reasoning behind Abadi's "new found" strength in attacks on corruption...

MadDScout: Tariq Harb give him the legal go

BGG jackflash101st: they should have been using a "technocrat" approach from the beginning... THIS WAS PAUL BREMERS blunder from day 1 !!
BGG jackflash101st: Can they NOT READ A HISTORY BOOK - Germany took Decades longer to rebuild because MacArthur would listen to reason... Patton had the pragmatic solution.

buck: it has been obvious since the day of his appointment yet for 18 months abadi does not remove him, this is hard to explain, why would he leave him there so long?? just for iran??
buck: talking about alak sorry

BGG buck: IMHO - Abadi has had other, more important battles (in his mind) to fight...
BGG buck: however, it very much appears as though he has the impetus and the backing to do this NOW.

jarhead: news continues ??

BGG jarhead: yes...

buck: thank you

BGG buck: the 101st is there in Baghdad. The Shia's just laid off 1/3 rd of their fighters... either as a signal,
BGG buck: as a deal...
BGG buck: they don't have the money....
BGG buck: or they are willing to let Abadi and the 101st take over.
BGG buck: all of the above is VERY GOOD.

buck: wow excellent thank you for update info , it is very good

MArco: did we ever find out of Maliki was under house arrest

BGG MArco: He's not.

Tex.: WHAT keeps the really big money people from buying extremly large amounts of Dinars,,,

BGG Tex.: supply - they can't get it

Tex.: They bound to know about it.

MadDScout: Even Sadr is not concerned this time with US presence

BGG MadDScout: that is very curious.

MadDScout: he says it will still be an Iraqi victory

Tex.: Strange we can and they cant'

BGG Tex.: Supply... they can't get it.
BGG Tex.: Supply... supply... supply
BGG Tex.: they can't get it.

Tex.: Thanks Bgg


BGG quicktolegit96: That's BS - we are headed back in...

quicktolegit96: THX

BGG quicktolegit96: why do you think Abadi is feeling so frisky about bouncing crooked ministers??
BGG quicktolegit96: and cabinet ministers...
BGG quicktolegit96: and telling Allawi, Najafi and Maliki to surrender their palaces??

MadDScout: did you read the art about whattariq Harb said

BGG MadDScout: tell us..

MadDScout: what Tariq Harb said
MadDScout: oh lol


MadDScout: Maimitlleke cooks political process rights in it: "The Prime Minister, remains his position, even if it has the dismissal or resignation of all the ministers," then alerted the war to come to the newspaper, wrong idea. . The dismissal of ministers means substituting, the dismissal of the prime minister to himself: "it is a constitutional error, considered resigning Prime Minister, his dismissal of all government ministers," then brought us the Constitution of war and putting it in front of us: "if he had said all ministers Mstquilin when the parliament, to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, as stated in article (61 / VIII / c) of the Constitution, there is no contrary to the Constitution .. no there is no provision in the Constitution, requires the resignation of the prime ministe

Read More :https://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...ng-on-equality

MadDScout: WOOP

BGG MadDScout: POW

BGG MadDScout: Give us your take on it...

MadDScout: He said he was thumbing his nose at the idea that the PM even had to offer his resignation

BGG MadDScout: You are - quite literally, a true Scout.
BGG MadDScout: what do you see??

MadDScout: LOL
MadDScout: This was a justifiable move and was called a "substitution"
MadDScout: Abadi moving is an act of War
MadDScout: anyone asking is asking to put war "in front of our face"

wmawhite MadDScout: IMO<....Abadi definitely has brass ones....

BGG wmawhite: I see the last few days the same way... this in very serious.
BGG wmawhite: they need the currency... but these thugs have been stalling the whole country

MadDScout wmawhite: Yes sir I think this puts Brasso on them
MadDScout: LOL

wmawhite BGG: Abadi is a degreed engineer............he thinks everything through to the end.......IMO

BGG wmawhite: and I am not sure we aren't at that point.
BGG wmawhite: THE END.
BGG: Boom...

wmawhite BGG: He apparently,.as an engineer would do,...ensure that he has the necessary tools, materials, etc. in place prior to making his moves.

MadDScout: Is Min of Fin taking over auctions?
MadDScout: Ministry of Finance

BGG MadDScout: I doubt that - I think that was a threat...

MadDScout: The report from today mentions it

BGG MadDScout: which clearly points out how weak Alak is ...

wmawhite jarhead: An engineer is a practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical, societal and commercial problems.

MadDScout: 500 Billion report
MadDScout: He saounded sour about it
MadDScout: or that was my take

BGG MadDScout: if they are willing to EVEN THINK about having the MoF... take over. That is bad for Alak.

MadDScout: sounded

mudder: It's apparent that the US still has clout.... Everytime one of runs to the Washington , New York, where ever??? They go home with bigger brass ones...lol

BGG mudder: We are there - he is stripping this thing and starting over.
BGG mudder: NO MALIKI SHILLS - whatsoever.

mudder: NO DOUDBT.

MadDScout: want the report?

BGG MadDScout: Yes.

MadDScout: https://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...oyees-salaries


BGG quicktolegit96: 30 days or less.

wmawhite: folks,......the auctions are soon to end and then as the rest of the world does.........the movement of current into the world currency markets (forex) will be preformed by the banks.......not the CBI.
wmawhite: currency

BGG wmawhite: Oh thank you - for that

MadDScout: It said that Min of Fin was ready to take over
maine: so how do they get those knuckleheads out of the palaces?

wmawhite maine: Ignore them.......once their money dries up they will pack up and leave.

BGG maine: The Rakkasans!!

maine: ahhhh!

willie60 wmawhite: The auctions are soon to end----Got to love that.

BGG willie60: he is right on that.


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