For the development of international trade and investment: starting Baghdad exhibition future

Dated: 02/17/2016 Wednesday 7:23

Follow-up / Iraq today
Launched on the land of the Baghdad International Fair events Baghdad gallery for future development of international investment, which was organized by the Baghdad Provincial Council, in collaboration with the General Company for Iraqi Fairs in the Ministry of Commerce, stressed the governor of Baghdad, Ali Mohsen al-Tamimi said at the opening: "
The exhibition will be a great start to activate the economic and investment sector and attract global investment firms in Baghdad to access investment opportunities available in the province, in addition to increasing the volume of trade exchange between the province and international companies and to highlight the work of investors and international companies. "He added that:" Many of the companies participating in the exhibition, which hosted maintaining the land of the Baghdad international Fair, "noting that:" these companies include all investment and industrial, agricultural and construction disciplines, all sober and well-known companies. "noting that" the province has provided all the necessary facilities to international companies participating in the pavilion province of Baghdad in the Baghdad international Fair. "