Central: In the «planning» 37 impediment to implementation of investment projects and foreigners are fleeing because of the seventh item of contraband and technological

The ministry said that security officials and the reluctance of some of the most prominent reasons .. We do not have nuclear projects to ban the introduction of equipment Central: In the «planning» 37 impediment to implementation of investment projects and foreigners are fleeing because of the seventh item of contraband and technological

BAGHDAD - Firas Al Hamadani Saadoun

He attributed the Iraqi Central Bank dropped rates of implementation of projects in the country to "factors internal and external," and explained that there are dozens of obstacles to the implementation of projects annexed instructions of the Ministry of Planning, at a time when playing foreign companies working in the country that is still under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, and consequences of this situation, effects, revealing the list of prohibited materials technology prohibits the introduction of these companies. He described the central bank budget for the year 2012, approved by the House of Representatives last Thursday, as having low economic efficiency, but he promised her one of the best budgets in observance of social and ethical aspects.

ف On the other hand the Ministry of Planning revealed the reasons for low rates of implementation of projects, and the conditions and motives that led to rely on local companies without foreign.

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on Sunday, in response to a question by "the world" over his remarks on the budget of 2012, that "the budget 2012 of the social, moral of the best balances on the operation of citizens and social welfare and the distribution of the proportion of oil revenues every family, "However," economic efficiency but at the lowest possible. "

Saleh pointed out that "the most important observations on the budget relating to the ability to implement investment projects," he continued, "The implementation of the projects of less than 50 percent," and when clarification of it that this percentage was related to previous years, the benefit of "It's related to last year, proportions of implementation in previous years, less than 30 percent. "

And type of factors that favor low rate of implementation of investment projects to the "internal and external." And internal factors reported that "local contracting below the level of ambition, and there are also high in bureaucratic institutions, planning has a 37 handicap for the implementation of projects, the annual investment budget, mostly in contained in the instructions."

The external factors Vl_khasha that "the contractor foreign does not come because of the seventh item, the country still at war and anti-peace, and when imported generators from General Electric Co and Siemens introduced the two companies into the country, but not erected. There is also a list of prohibited materials technology," and when you question him the nature of the contraband "I do not know may be a civil engineer Nazawra .. It is essential that we are talking about this issue and that you can ask them."

And the threat can be long the contractor foreign if they work in the country, Saleh said that "international arbitration does not count in the event of disputes within the country subject under the procedures of Chapter VII," and added, "Therefore, the contractor is foreign in such a case required wages and high prices for work within the country. "

And to identify the obstacles to implementation of investment projects in the country from the Ministry of Planning, said Mahdi Keywords Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs, in a telephone interview conducted by "world" with him yesterday, that "there are many reasons for low rates of implementation of the most prominent political and security conditions, and the delay in approving the budget, and the adoption of measures take a long time. "

He continued: "It is true that the projects should be carried out transparently, but in some ministries understand this, do not say militancy, but anxiety and fear." And "so we have instructions for the execution of contracts impede implementation. There are stages take many months, under the banner of fear and anxiety extends the implementation of months .. some officials hamper implementation more than it deserves."

And every now and then declares the various ministries and provinces "black list" companies lagging or are unable to project implementation, and prohibits the assignment of new projects to it.

And on what leads to the assignment of projects to local companies in light of the reluctance of the implementation of projects, he noted Keywords that "our ambition Kmokhtchin development to encourage the private sector, especially with the transformation of the state to privatization, but unfortunately lagged behind many sectors in the country to keep pace with development, leaving negative impacts on the construction and delay the implementation of the private sector, "However," do not accuse the private sector, there are companies respectable enjoys a good reputation, but there is also the exit of companies from the labor market and its conversion to engage in commercial activities or work outside the country, "stressed," Even we in the Ministry of planning when the number of contractors who have ranked first in the classification adopted by the ministry received the so-called crawling to encourage remaining in Iraq from the contractors to engage in projects that do not fit with their abilities, "commented" This is the reason problematic when companies tried to maintenance projects outside its terms of reference and potential. "

On the introduction of foreign companies to operate in the country, said Keywords that "it came not associated with the determinants of the Ministry of Planning, all institutions announce their projects and opens the door to the contractor or foreign company," However, "But besides the seventh item, then the security situation is the biggest drawback in the entry of foreign companies. There are a lot of countries experiencing recession and looking for the market, and Iraq, which of the factors encouraging companies to the advent of these countries except for what you think of the lack of corporate security. "

Abizaid and Deputy Minister of Planning for Administrative Affairs, "There are companies that want to engage sometimes means you mark risk into account in the pricing of projects, leading to a reluctance or not to refer such projects to it," and ruled that there will be "a list of prohibited materials technology" to prevent entry of foreign companies into the country, and expressed belief that "such a list does not constitute an obstacle .. Projects that we have a traditional, mostly related to infrastructure, and we have no nuclear projects."

Commenting on the signal the central bank to a "37 handicap at the Ministry of Planning" challenge of implementation of projects, Seal Products that "causes a relative I can Abyan 10 reasons or 20 cause or 30. Fact that work is transparent and reassuring, and blurred vision have planned and implemented, sometimes become crippling if you depart from the self-confidence, "he said," sometimes even if the instructions are correct obsession concern, I do not want to talk about financial corruption and administrative These things are difficult to be placed in frames to see its impact in the levels of implementation. "