Deputy for Iraq: Arab summit conference is a great achievement, Iraqis representing all the people
Wednesday, March 14 / March 2012 10:12

[Baghdad - where]

The MP said the Iraqi List, Hassan Alchuird that "the Arab summit is a significant achievement, an Iraqi is not counted for any political figure, but represents all the Iraqi people."

Alchuird He told all of Iraq [where] that "the return of Iraq to the Arab League first incubator is a large and detailed Secondly we want to create consensus among the Gulf states, Arab and regional and thus access to the mixing of political interests between all countries."

He continued a member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, "We want the Arab countries that have cooperation and economic and political openness significantly with Iraq."

The Baghdad is preparing to host the Arab summit edition of the twenty-third end of the current month of March after he completed all of Iraq's preparations for hosting, especially after he met the many Arab countries to invite Iraq to attend the summit, while rejected the Arab League to provide an invitation to Syria to attend the summit because of the ongoing violence in which . over 2.