Zaidi: The majority of the political blocs expressed their willingness to Jabouri to vote on the amnesty law

Date: 02/17/2016 11:17

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According to a member of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives full Zaidi, Wednesday, House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, got the green light from the majority of the political blocs on the consent of the amnesty law.

He said al-Zaidi, told / information / "The mini-committee formed by the Legal Committee will give today its final report on the amnesty law, and then will be submitted to the Council," noting that "the Committee's work boils down to examine the law and legal manner, either approved or not he the prerogative of the political blocs in the parliament. "

Zaidi said that "most of the heads of blocs Jubouri gave the green light to vote on the law, which is now ready."

He pointed out that "the second quarter saw a great interest in this law, which formed a committee within the mini-Legal Committee to cover its paragraphs and consider broad exceptions discussed and worked a seminar hosted specialists and experts to agree on the terms of the law."

It is said that the amnesty law saw the controversy between the political blocs in parliament, in the view of sources within the council that blocks mortgaged approval of this law, the new ministerial reform package intended to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Agherarha.anthy / 25 s