Expert: Iraqi economy is infected with "Dutch disease»


Specialists call for structured and technocratic measures
Baghdad bright risang:

Brings together experts and specialists in economic need to find resources "to provide the non-oil imports, and override the acute financial crisis facing Iraq and the world as a result of lower oil prices.

In this regard the oil expert said Hamza al-jawahiri that Iraq suffers from the so-called economically (Dutch disease), the fact that the Netherlands in the 1950s saw the collapse of economic and productive sectors due to their dependence solely on oil as we are today.

The oil expert said in a statement for "new morning", that "Iraq had to take advantage of this experiment some time ago, when oil prices were high, to stimulate other economic sectors.

According to the jeweller, that Iraq still has a good chance to get out of the current crisis and rentier economy»» which is dependent on oil.

The «plans are developed at the near, medium and long term, to the development of other productive sectors, anticipated the current crisis if the Government adopted the "technocrats and not choose Ministers from the political blocs again».

At the other end, economists say that Iraq needs to restructure its economy, before thinking» solution directly out of the financial crisis.

A member of the House of Dr. Mehdi Al-Hafidh, told "the new morning, thinking the solution to get out of the financial crisis" is unlikely, the fact that it is linked to the outside. The oil depends on the world market, Iraq imports depends entirely on oil.

OPD, a former Minister of planning, said thinking about providing new financial resources for the country; oil; takes time», stressing the importance of "giving a chance to the private sector to support the State imports».

Although the negative effects left by the decline of oil prices on the economy, but some see it as a valuable opportunity to promote other economic sectors.

Legal Adviser Adel allami says that "many countries of the world do not possess oil but has a strong economy, while criticizing the" armies of collectors» but they cannot collect wages for electricity, water and other services.

Lamy said in a statement for "new morning", that "low oil prices constitutes an incentive for the State to promote other economic sectors», that «there is money lost in the operational budget of the State».

The legal counsel also said the Government should "implement a range of legal and administrative reforms before search procedures for finding new financial resources.

Financial adviser to the Prime Minister, stresses the importance of taking Government «views» the professionals use to make their own decisions.

And Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh told new for» morning», «experts and intellectuals meet occasionally to discuss important files, including oil, and through brainstorming and discussion reach insights help decision-makers to make decisions.

Saleh said that "public opinion is of painted Government decisions, noting that the recommendations and ideas that the specialists find their way into publication by the media of up to Government, and work tools to draw the country's politics.