Jubouri adviser: Most of the blocks required to be a reshuffle constitutionally and consult with the

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 7:54
Jubouri adviser: Most of the blocks required to be a reshuffle constitutionally and in consultation with them
The chairman of the House adviser Salim al-Jubouri, that most of the political blocs stipulated that the new cabinet reshuffle to be submitted by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "constitutionally and in consultation" with, among the masses did not offer its members the owners of higher-education and experience for the ministries and the committee chairs because of the "domination of parties and nepotism. "
He said Ahmed Mahjoub said that "al-Jubouri, is not interested in the new ministerial amendment, but to discuss with the blocs to reach a common vision about what he will present to the prime minister," pointing out that "most of the blocs met on two conditions, that the change is within the context of the Constitution and the law, and to be part of consultation with the blocks political. "
He said Mahjoub, that "going to reshuffle the people is a tamper unless there is a change in methodology, in addition to the resources of the state and the methodology of building the state based on a wrong basis and is the basis of sectarian quotas," stressing that "if we want to replace technocrat government, we also activate technocrats parliament Also".
And between Mahjoub, "The House of Representatives comprises 328 deputies much of it have high expertise excellent certificates," pointing out that "the political blocs have not put themselves to the committee chairs because the dominance of parties and nepotism within the blocks of made him favor within the party to be the president of the parliamentary committee or a cabinet minister." .