Parliament supports the fight against money laundering and maintaining foreign currency reserves

February 16, 2016 18:35
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Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said, during a speech, AVI celebratory firing Astrajitah Central Bank for the year 2016: "The financial support provided by the countries of the world is an emergency support," stressing that "such support does not solve the economic problems suffered by Iraq as a whole."
He said al-Jubouri, the anti-money laundering and control of banks, "The banking sector support is not dependent on the government effort, but on the citizen and the consciousness as well."
He said: "We are experiencing circumstance requires more skill, wisdom and thinking, to remedy the problems that surround us, especially the first and foremost economic problem, which is the most important part of our challenges and Mrahentna the solution at the same time."
The Jubouri "When we find an economic way out will not we fail then to find a political, security and humanitarian exits," noting that "the core of the problem stems from the economic downturn, and the first step of the solution begins with the economic solution, when we can economically we will be able to support the battle with weapons, money and Novi our obligations volunteers to fight and their families ".
He also stressed the need not to withdrawals of foreign currency reserves in the Central Bank of Iraq and the importance of financial legislation Court to fight corruption Law.