Basra council confirms his quest to solve the problems of implementation of investment projects

2016-02-16 11:15:30 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Announced the Basra Governorate Council, for his quest to solve all the problems facing the reality of investment, and in particular the removal of obstacles to the implementation of investment licenses winning projects in the province.

The head of the provincial council in Basra morning Albzona in a statement after a meeting at the headquarters of the Council, which included implementing a project the city of Al-Andalus investment housing companies and a number of competent departments in the investment sector as well as the investment in the province, said that the Council has Bhhalp some of the problems facing the implementation of the housing project the company and of electricity, as well as solving the problem of inclusion of some of the land for the project.

Among Albzona that the meeting came to complement the Council's visit to the project site and view it on the ground yesterday, explaining that the Council Karam Bdraeian the two companies in order to provide an incentive and distinguish good companies that contributed to the movement of investment in Basra.

For his part, the investor of the project the city of Al-Andalus residential and director of the company executing him, Ghazi Asad said that the problems and obstacles faced by the company on its way to a solution, after the cooperation and assistance provided by the province of Basra, the company's board.

And the lion that he expects to complete the project within a year to a year and a half, explaining that he and despite not completing the project once and for all but the fifty families living some residential units in the project.

For his part, the head of Basra Investment Commission on the Gaspe that the city of Al-Andalus investment project of the important and good projects in Basra, he said.

He pointed out that the Commission and relevant departments seeking to resolve all problem facing the work of investors in Basra, noting that there are other opportunities in the residential sector to invest in Basra, some of them in the center of the province and the other in the municipality of Shatt al-Arab borders.

It is said that the head of the Basra Governorate Council Albzona morning, the face of yesterday, the relevant departments in the investment sector in the province to attend the emergency meeting will be held tomorrow at the headquarters of the Council, discusses the problems that hinder the process of implementation of investment projects and work to overcome them.