Ebadi: I do not see the interest of the Kurds to secede


regarded Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the provincial referendum on independence "redundant ring" lead to more tension, as he explained It does not see the benefit of the Kurds to secede, under provincial staff salaries receipt of Baghdad province's oil revenues. Ebadi said in an interview with state television, "referendum province redundant loop lead to more tension, I do not see the interest of the Kurds to secede," and pointed out that "in the interest of the Kurds and all Iraqis to stay together," explaining that "Germany stood Amaalarac in this framework and supports Iraq's unity. " He added that "the province gets the revenues from oil, which issued" and wondered "why there is no transparency about the region's oil revenue source?". He said al-Abadi said, "to hand us the region's imports of oil and we Nslmanm salaries." It is said that al-Abadi said on Thursday (February 11, 2016), the referendum on the Astqlalkrdstan for Iraq that "has no need" because of the lack of commitment to it. The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani stressed, in (January 2016 26), that the people of Kurdistan will hold a referendum for self-determination, noting that any decision taken by the people of Kurdistan will be put with Baghdad peacefully within the framework of the talks.