National: Abadi Talaana wondrous position by replacing the current technocratic government of technocrats another

Monday, February 15, 2016 - 21:04
National: Abadi position wondrous fortune by replacing the current technocratic government of technocrats another
Said the national coalition, on Monday, the prime minister took the position of "wondrous strange" request to replace the current technocratic government and other government of technocrats, and among it does not find a justification for the replacement of the faces, but the development of the road map, pointed out that the inventory of things superficially will Iraq and the region for more "relapse".
The coalition said in a statement that "the quota system and political community, marginalization and exclusion, and the lack of professional institutions brought the political process to a standstill and Iraq to the edges of perdition," adding that "these painful facts he should be an incentive for the government and its head to remedy the situation by adopting through inspired by close map political reform, which came the government, but fortune Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi position of wondrous strange request for the replacement of the current government of technocrats and other government of technocrats. "
He added that "the tragedy of Iraq and the spread of terrorism and dependence on foreign counter-terrorism, as well as displaced people and the horrors they face purges sectarian and tensions clan in Basra and others have been forgotten, as if becoming the replacement of the faces is required," explaining that "al-Abadi, rather than recognizing the inability of Prime Minister blames the minister. "
He continued, "The President of the National Coalition months before the National Alliance demanded the replacement of the prime minister or to go to the United Nations-supervised early elections before the exacerbation Daash," saying that "national do not find a justification for the replacement of the faces, but you find all indications are toward the development of the road map and its implementation and It is inspired by and documents the real political and economic reform with the modernization of certain paragraphs of the documents because of changing circumstances. "
He continued, that "continue to limit things superficially and asylum procedures so that no prosthesis, but the entire pro forma will Iraq and the region for more than a relapse down to bad consequences," and urged the political forces to "reconsider the political structure that developed on the basis of the political process, and the formation of structure supreme leadership body of the blocks and who served Iraq and prepare for general elections in the country as soon as possible, "noting" the importance of replacing the Electoral Commission or some of its members who are no longer representing the parties that nominated them.