Conscription riven National Guard

By Mustafa Sabri

19 minutes ago

Since more than a year the dispute is the National Guard Law in the corridors of parliament between coalition Iraqi forces and the mass of the National Alliance, where he sees coalition forces that limited the formation of the National Guard to local governments for each province without the merger between other provinces or link General Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, to strengthen internal security hot to the provinces.

The split of the National Alliance on law between supporters and opponents as strongly object to some of the coalition, such as Dawa and the Badr Organization and the Hezbollah Brigades and the League of the Righteous on the formation of the National Guard for hot provinces party components, in contrast The law was supported by the Shiite Other parties, most notably the Supreme Council and the Sadrists, and not opinion religious authority in Najaf absent from this conflict when it announced its support for the law provided that includes all the armed formations of the Shiite factions and Sunni tribal fighters.

While the Iraqi government supported the idea of ​​the security and defense committee parliamentary reinstatement of the law of conscription, rather than the National Guard Act, which was in effect before 2003, in order to avoid political differences caused by the National Guard Law during the past period, with a reservation of the Kurdistan Alliance on conscription law mandatory, considering the proposal new trick to circumvent the law and the National Guard.

Conscription in theory the law would be an alternative to the law of the National Guard and try to cancel all prepared from passages in the National Guard bill to end the current tensions in the Sunni areas, and who painted him carefully since the idea of ​​his birth that the areas be subject to a security control of her family are legal and constitutional, and in the development the current political Iraq there will be no point in legislation conscription law on the ground that he was born to a political alternative and not a basic idea, and challenge diplomatically between Sunni and Shiite blocs.

Through the security of data that the National Guard, the law serves the Sunni component without damage component Shiite at all, but the Iranian-backed militias hinder the birth of the National Guard Law to maintain its raison d'etre, but in contrast to Sunni politicians do not master the art of negotiation, which plays a major role in obtaining their audiences rights and we must not forget the alternative National Guard Act will not eliminate the current army, which was established according to a sectarian approach, and will not volunteer soldiers wander in it, it will be their figurehead no more, at a time when the majority of the Iraqi people agree on the need for an army of his loyalty to Iraq and not for the wanton and thieves and militias regardless and for binding as Toaith, but the danger lies in who controls this army duty before we talk of compulsory military leaders let us talk about Iraq in the current government Are these will lead the military?! Because they are overly deterministic, how they would march the army? Does Iraq need to mobilize more than is Mjeic now?! If anyone of us came down to the street to see what we saw during the former regime when they make out of every three of four Iraqi recruits.

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