Conscious / infallible: the countdown for the Liberation of Nineveh

14/02/2016 08:46

Conscious / Baghdad / MA

President Fuad Masum met with head of the Sunni Endowment, Abdul Latif Alhmam and discussed with him the commission re-displaced people of Anbar and plans for the reconstruction of conservation efforts, while Masum announced the start of the countdown for the Liberation of Nineveh and the elimination of terrorism.

A statement by the Office of Alhmam received (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) a copy of the day, that Alhmam accept the Commission's efforts and its efforts to expand the delivery of aid and speed up the return of displaced persons and the services provided to them, as well as the reconstruction of the province's plans, valuing infallible support to the efforts of the Commission in the reconstruction of Anbar and provide essential services for their children".

The Alhmam according to the statement need to be prepared at all levels, and the need to make strenuous efforts in order to accelerate the return of displaced persons and reconstruction of areas.

For his part, infallible during the meeting, which included Qassim Fahdawi Minister of Electricity, and Suhaib al-Rawi governor of Anbar province, until the return of IDPs, community reconciliation and the reconstruction of Iraq, as well as liberalization of Nineveh, one of most issues is a priority, and expressed full readiness to support Anbar and rebuilding its cities, emphasizing the countdown for the elimination of terrorism, the entire province of Nineveh and edit".
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