Coalition aircraft targeted four banks in Mosul

14-02-2016 03:45 PM

With the start of preparations for the actual process of liberalization of Nineveh province and its city of Mosul from the control of the organization (Daash), Flying international coalition has stepped up air strikes on strongholds of the organization in the city and sensitive positions.

A local source in Mahafezhan 'coalition aircraft stepped up air strikes, finally, on the sensitive locations of the organization throughout the province', noting that 'the bombing, last night, the central bank buildings and Rasheed Bank and the bank's real estate and the Bank of Abu Tammam city center'.

He explained that the 'bombardment resulted in the destruction of those buildings and the killing and wounding many of the elements of the organization'.

And accused the international coalition to organize 'Daash' using huge government buildings in Mosul Kmaqrat him, including former presidential palaces and government departments, banks, tourist resorts and hotels.

Furthermore, the leadership of the international coalition announced, 'the implementation of the 17 air strike in Iraq with the participation of offensive combat aircraft and drones. "

He showed leadership in a press statement, that 'strikes targeted affiliated sites to Daash in a drunken and Mosul, Sinjar, al-Baghdadi and Habbaniyah and Fallujah and Albouhaah', indicating that 'strikes resulted in the destruction of four rocket launchers and destroyed seven tactical units belonging to the organization, and the destruction of 23 subject combat wheel excavator'.

This comes at a time when preparations began for the actual launch of the battle to liberate the province of Nineveh, which was dominated by the 'Daash' since June 2014.

According to a press statement by the Ministry of Defence, the 'commander edit Nineveh, Maj. Gen. Najim al-Jubouri lose rallying area for fifteen pieces Infantry Division and commando regiment Nineveh operations command, to follow up military preparations to launch a war of liberation'.

The al-Jubouri, the 'preparations going on in full swing, and that the people of Mosul, waiting for us to rescue them from the control of Daash'.

In contrast, 'carried out an attack on the organization Daash Makhoul mountains of northern Salahuddin province. "

A security source in the province will not 'organization carried out a rapid attack on the region and clashed with tribal fighters and security forces stationed there', noting that 'the clash lasted about an hour, and resulted in a number of deaths and injuries on both sides.'

He stressed that 'Daash could not penetrate the first block lines of combat troops, and forced to withdraw.'

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi forces began preparing and processing to launch the battle to liberate Mosul, in cooperation and coordination with the leadership of the international coalition, which in turn stressed that the fight will take part in the Kurdish peshmerga fighters and tribal forces of Mosul.