Kurdish lawmaker calls for the adoption of a general amnesty and warns of worse than Daash stage

2016-02-14 21:47:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk

MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Xuan Daoudi, Sunday, to speed the adoption of the amnesty law as being "based on the requirement of" the Sunni Arabs, while warning that the lack of approval would lead to "the worst of Daash phase" and spend the country's unity.

Said Daoudi said in a statement that "the misuse and exploitation of Justice and Accountability Law chips political pressure applied selectively had a bad effects and led to the creation of more than a lack of confidence," explaining that "it came to that fear is an important component, such as the Sunnis in Iraq of this law and consider any step in this direction is a step deduced them and they are used not only marginalized but also the abolition of their identity and that they now believe that the misuse of this law is the cause of the creation of the organization Daash. "

He said Daoudi, that "the Shiites from their side view with suspicion any opinion different to what they think in this regard and betray the owner of that view and accuse him of defending the Baath", calling for "speedy pass a general amnesty, which is the requirement of the basic year law and part of the paper the political agreement to participate in the government, otherwise we'll have worse than Daash stage and does not dream of not boast again the unity of Iraq. "

The parliamentary legal committee, announced in the (November 19, 2015), the presence of more than 14 exception of the draft general amnesty law, pointing out that there is a political will to enact the law.

And saw the House of Representatives on Monday (February 8, 2016), an altercation occurred between the deputies of the coalition forces and the National Alliance on the prohibition of the dissolved Baath party law.