The inclusion of more than one thousand provisions of the draft pension law and social security for workers

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Prepared the Ministry of Labour and Social / Department of pension affairs and social security for workers statistical report on the activities and achievements of the collection of contributions to the Department for the year 2015 which is the task of the inclusion of projects in the {private, mixed and cooperative sectors} retirement law and social security for workers {No. 39 of 1971}. He said a spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem, in a statement received (justice) a copy of "the report revealed the inclusion {1448} project tightly pension law, social security and {554} project by extension, where it gives the employer a record number under which payment for a second draft provided that the first project has included security "he added," it was calculated and audit {7799} Tvicaa report resulted in the claim {1781} owe a project of the department to pay the discharged debt, as well as check payment {guestrooms 29 051} form, and hauling {869 forms} project to the implementation of the Division for the purpose of collection debt employers ". Also referred to" grant support service for {6104} workers for the purpose of indemnity exchange or retired if they meet the legal requirements. "