France calls for the activation of the reforms and find a political solution to the problems of Iraq

14.02.2016 19:03

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Search Prime Minister adviser on national reconciliation, Mohammed Salman, with the French ambassador in Iraq Marc Tueni, Sunday, restore stability to the liberated areas and the return of displaced families process, as discussed developments in the security and economic situation in the country, Tueni stressed the need to implement reforms and to reach solutions political.

A statement from the French embassy in Iraq, received a (long-Presse), "The Adviser to the Prime Minister for national reconciliation, Mohammed Salman, received France's ambassador in Iraq, Marc Baretti."

The statement added, "The two sides discussed the progress of the national reconciliation process, especially in the current situation and after the decline (Daash) in front of military operations, as well as economic, political and security crisis," noting that "the two sides discussed to restore stability in the liberated areas and the return of displaced persons operations."

He stressed the French ambassador in Iraq, Marc Baretti, according to the statement, for "his country's support to the process of national reconciliation, and the need to implement reforms in order to reach a political solution."

France was announced, in the (September 15 2014), its entry into Britain for the conduct of the first sorties exploratory spyware to support the air campaign that the US Air Force-led anti-militant (Daash) in Iraq, while showed the missions are launched from Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates and in agreement with the authorities Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.