Parliamentary Integrity: We'll report to retrieve the money diverted sessions of Parliament, including the Iraqi funds account

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, Sunday, it will showcase its report on the recovery of funds smuggled in the coming sessions of the parliament, while showed that among the mechanisms proposed for recovery is an account of Iraqi funds abroad.

A member of the committee MP Abdul Karim Abtan in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The Parliamentary Integrity formed four committees from within the Commission and met with each of these committees Central Bank and the Fund for recovery of funds in the Ministry of Finance and the Integrity Commission and the judiciary," explaining that "the meeting with these parties came to being joints responsible for the recovery of funds."

He Abtan, that "the Commission will submit its report to the House of Representatives on its meetings with these joints and recovery of funds in the next meetings of the Council," noting that "it is within the Parliamentary Integrity proposals is to refund mechanisms, including the use of the university and the Arab Security Council as well as the Iraqi funds account, including abroad after 2003 and he kissed her."

The mass of the call to organize inside the parliamentary party expressed, Tuesday (February 9, 2016), its objection to the formation of an Iraqi committee to recover funds smuggled abroad, attributed to link some of the members of the committees involved to "smuggling" political party.

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, in (February 6, 2016), for the formation of a committee to see money diverted from Iraq, as pointed out that the Council granted the power to make his "reforms".