Al-Jabouri commends the initiative of the chest and prepared by the beginning of the real restoration of political process

praised the House member from National Alliance, Attorney Haitham al-Jabouri, leader of the initiative Saturday, sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr, saying they deserved respect, stating that the initiative could be the beginning of a real "restoration political process, called all the blocks to strengthen to reach comprehensive national initiative. Al-jubouri said in a statement "briefed" law, "stated Mr. Sadr initiative from within the reform programme which was announced today, deserves respect," pointing out that "the initiative can be a real beginning for the restoration of the political process." Al-jubouri said, "we are in a cluster of competencies welcome this initiative and invite all the blocks to submit papers and initiatives to promote and strengthen this initiative to reach comprehensive national initiative join hands in their application, even if against the interests of others as long as the higher national interest." The leader of the sadrist movement, Mr. Sadr called on Saturday to form a Government of technocrats and vote on military leaders inside the Parliament, judicial reform, arguing that the reform project approve the opinion of religious reference and the hopes of the people, except the lack of implementation of items of "betrayal" for Iraq, threatened to withdraw from the political process in the absence of implementation of items.