Al-Jabouri confirms that Spyker massacre champion free and earns a salary pension!


revealed a member of the Parliamentary Committee on integrity Mishan al-Jabouri, Saturday, the 400 billion dinars acted a year salaries for retired "space", pointed out that among those receiving pensions "hero" massacre of Spyker. Al-jubouri said in a statement "the law" Iraq, "submitted to the judiciary testimony of corruption on the disbursement of 400 billion dinars a year salaries for retired space", stating that "from among those persons with disabilities and the young age of 18 paid managers". Jubouri, "suicide bombers organized daash and escorts to the toppled Saddam, the persons covered by the de-Baathification earn these salaries," he said, adding that "among those who paid pension champion Spyker massacre", without disclosing his name. Al-jubouri was revealed (December 2014) for the presence of 23,000 retired "spatial" paid retirement five years ago, adding that he planned to host Finance Minister.