Abadi from Munich: daash lost in Iraq and lower oil prices threatens the collapse of States

9:16 pm, Feb 12, 2016

Opinion policy agencies

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, said Friday that the terrorist bands daash lost in Iraq after victories and continues to edit from unclean, with noted that low oil prices will lead to State failure.
Abbadi said in a speech at the Munich Conference for security and defence policy in Munich, capital of Germany "terrorist bands daash lost in Iraq after liberation of cities of Nineveh and unclean except part of Anbar", stressing "security forces and heroes of the popular crowd fighting to eradicate it".

"We are continuing with the reforms, we restructure the armed forces and become more effective and stronger", stating that "the fight against corruption, the need to eliminate terrorism, we fix what spoiled him for the return of displaced persons" daash said, adding that "the popular crowd regular troops belonging to the General command of the armed forces and contributed victories against gangs daash.

"We have strengthened security measures in Baghdad and we have devices to control the flow of car bombs and terrorists and this will facilitate the entry and exit of Baghdad and that's what we intend to do, and Baghdad is secure, the nightlife is improving, and we abolished 2015 curfews and checkpoints to facilitate the movement of inspection we work together to eliminate terrorists."

He noted that "we have in Baghdad and is home to a quarter of the population of the capital wedaash may turn to terrorism and shelling and bombing for the murder, we must protect our people through security measures and intelligence-gathering, and 95% of car bombs come from outside the capital.

And increased "liberalization of Ninawa province this year and the last province in Iraq but where daash go?" , Stressing "no foreign forces to liberate Iraq," Noting that "return {%} to Tikrit and we strive to reconstruction and stability in liberated cities", stressing that "the preservation and continuation of reforms and support", stressing "the need to restructure the Government more effectively."

And called upon States to "make an effort to prevent smuggling of Iraqi heritage of Iraq and eliminate daash".

He pointed out that "the collapse of oil prices would collapse, the fallout is great, and he has threatened to collapse."

However, "Turkey can help us without sending troops to Iraq but in a different way, we will not allow the breach of Iraq's sovereignty." end quote