Deputy for Iraq threatens not to attend his list for the meeting of the national meeting held in the event after the Arab summit Tuesday, March 13 / March 2012 11:44

[Baghdad - where]

Threatened the deputy of the Iraqi List, not to attend the meeting list in case the national meeting held after the Arab summit.

The MP said Salem Daly told all of Iraq [where] the day Monday that "Iraq will not attend the meeting unless the National Conference held before the Arab summit in the capital Baghdad at the end of this month because of some political parties are trying to delay and procrastination in solving problems and the current political crisis."

He added, "We demand that the national conference will be held before the meeting of the Arab summit in order to go to the top of political discourse in order to deliver a unified message to the Arab states that Iraq's political elites uniform and consistent and able to solve problems and lead the country to Bralaman own."

The Iraqi List, has called on several occasions the need to hold the national meeting before the Arab summit in Baghdad, which will be held late this month as its leader, Iyad Allawi board asking the Iraqi political differences at the summit meetings.

The members of the Preparatory Committee swung the postponement of the national meeting until after the Arab summit to be held at the end of March current, "Aazin" that the Preparatory Committee to the need for more time in resolving their work and set the agenda for the national meet.

But political sources said after a meeting of the Preparatory Committee on Monday that the date of the national meeting will be determined at the next meeting of the Preparatory Committee on Thursday ended 2.