Karbala protesters are demanding a "national salvation government" and calling for "the abolition of the Constitution."

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12/2/2016 16:18

Long-Presse / Karbala

Invited dozens of demonstrators in Karbala on Friday to investigate the files of the fall of Mosul and explosives detectors and smuggled money, as they demanded the abolition of the constitution and form a "national salvation" government, stressed on activating the role of the prosecutor in Iraqi courts.

The head of the Coordinating Body of Karbala organization of demonstrations, Ehab Jawad, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "dozens of residents of Karbala came out a demonstration day of Imam Hussein Street towards the government headquarters downtown," noting that "the same demands that let them in the past few weeks and in the particularly the dismissal of chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council and activating the role of the prosecutor in Iraqi courts and amending Iraqi election law. "

He said Jawad, said: "Our demands are also a serious investigation into the money smuggled out of the country and the massacre Spyker and the fall of Mosul and explosives detectors counterfeit and arms deals and the final accounts of past budgets and the opening of financial and administrative corruption files in government institutions and the launch of the hands of the Integrity Commission to detect thieves of public money issues."

Jawad said, that "the local demands are re-question the governor Aqeel Turaihi file and resolve the Investment Authority in the Council and Remodel according to the integrity and efficiency standards and to investigate suspicions of corruption in projects to maintain the latest trench Karbala revealed by local officials."

For his part, said protester Amir al-Shami, said that "our demands, which raised over the past months, nothing has come of them will not be achieved because influential on the country's decision invoking the Iraqi constitution and must stop the work of this constitution and resolve the government and parliament and the formation of a national salvation government."

The capital Baghdad and 10 Iraqi provinces are (Babil, Karbala, Najaf and Diwaniya, Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Wasit, Maysan, Basra and Diyala) is witnessing massive demonstrations since August 2015 to condemn the poor services and corruption in government institutions and the judiciary, resulting in many of the reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while protesters say that these reforms "marginal and unimportant and did not check" their goals.