Deputy for Iraq is likely to approve the amnesty law before the legislative recess for Parliament Tuesday, March 13 / March 2012

Likely representative for the Iraqi List, approval of the draft general amnesty law before the start of the legislative recess of the Council of Representatives.

The MP said Fri Mutaiota told all of Iraq [where] Tuesday, "I think that the draft general amnesty law will be passed in Parliament before the recess legislative, that have been identified in 20 of the next April, especially as he was read a first reading and the continuation of the discussion in which after a lot of amendments from the various political blocs after it was adopted by the Liberal parliamentary bloc only presented the project. "

He added that "all the political blocs agreed that law does not include detainees in accordance with Article Four of terrorism or their hands stained with the blood of innocent people," adding that "the law was passed and its implementation will contribute to the promotion of national reconciliation among the various segments of society."

The proposed amnesty law has sparked controversy among the political blocs, especially among a coalition of state law and the Sadrist movement, to demand the rule of law to amend certain paragraphs of the project that define the categories covered by the amnesty or not.

Was described as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, Salim al amnesty law in its current form as "not valid for a vote not to exclude groups should include amnesty and include categories not supposed to be the subject of amnesty."

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has described a proposed amnesty law as a "setback" in the history of political parties, attributing the cause to be "the draft law appears as if the legislature is ready to issue a pardon even spoilers.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided at its meeting yesterday with the heads of committees and representatives of parliamentary blocs in agreement to cancel the weekend planned this week and extend the work of the Council until the next Sunday, where then is the allocation of vacation until the fourth of April next to make up for holidays for festivals Nowruz and to avoid procedures to prepare for the Arab summit held the end of the current month of March and the accompanying atmosphere of tight security. ended 2.