Iraq and Russia sign strategic agreements .. and Moscow prepared a roadmap for the development of relations [Extended]

February 11, 2016 21:07
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Iraq and Russia, today announced the signing of strategic agreements include various areas of cooperation in the field of armament and power, while Moscow promised to these agreements as a way to develop bilateral relations between the two countries map.
He said Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari during a joint press conference held in Baghdad with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who arrived in Baghdad yesterday, said that "the joint dialogue out an agreement the two countries to increase the volume of trade to weaken what it was previously covered various sectors of the economy and investment."
He said al-Jaafari, "It was this agreement to support the ration card items and cooperation between the General Company for the trade of construction materials and public company Central Markets and the definition of the products manufactured by organizing fairs and exhibitions specializing in both countries and cooperation between the Chamber of Industry and Russian Union of Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and business councils and others with its counterpart in Russia ".
It also included an agreement "to build and develop grain analysis laboratories and build granaries and silos grain and rehabilitation of mills and the exchange of expertise in this area, and the same axis was agreed that the trade cooperation between the Iraqi private sector and the Russian and the level of investment, there was also an agreement to exchange information on investment opportunities in Iraq as well as financial and banking cooperation to establish direct contacts between commercial banks in both countries. "
And went on, "In cooperation in the statistical field and in the field of energy in the oil and gas sector may well have been an understanding with the Russian company Lukoil, the Iraqi side has informed his Russian counterpart to complete the combined cycle gas units and rehabilitation of stations in accordance with the principle of investment."
Jaafari said that "In the field of electric power has shown the Russian company [Silovia Mashani and the other techno Aorom with other companies to participate in the implementation of private business expand Hartha power station in Basra province and build other power plants."
Jaafari pointed to "cooperation in the field of water resources in the design of water, construction and interest in the development and exploitation of water resources as well as cooperation in the field of geology and groundwater exploitation, but in the field of industry, both sides expressed Astaadahma in continuing consultations to get to the industrial cooperation between the two countries and the level of ambition of both parties."
And military and security cooperation foreign minister said that "dialogue House said, with the Russian side on providing aid to Iraq and to the extent the basic intelligence information that plays an important role in the war on Daash We long ago coordinate this area as the role of Russia to tighten prosecution of terrorists on Russian soil would weaken movement terrorism and surround and this is reflected positively on Iraq. "
"The city of Mosul occupied Daash It is located in the scale of priorities of the Iraqi forces in the will of the editorial was the liberation of Salahuddin and Anbar However, Iraqi forces can the world stand by our side in the liberation of the rest of the cities but can not afford to be involved ground so because it is an Iraqi mission and Mosul will be freed these Iraqi will. "
Jaafari pointed out that "the entry of Turkish troops into the Iraqi Ground Our position is clear and definite has refused its presence from the outset emphatically and time at which adhere to the good-neighborly policy and the consistent strategy for us but categorically reject the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil, including Turkey."
He noted, "As for Russia's cooperation in Iraq, it is subject to political strategy, even though it takes a military pattern, but the will of Iraq to accept for him the presence of armed forces of any country in the world except for the case of advisers and we we stick to this policy and so we have agreed with the international coalition that does not exist for non-Iraqi ground forces and Iraq the battle is on the ground, but we need international support from a variety of sources, whether inside or outside the coalition of the training and exchange of information, including not inconsistent with the sovereignty of Iraq and its affairs to intervene. "
The foreign minister said that "the fundamentals of the Iraqi political discourse is to focus on reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed by the Daash opportunities and invested with all countries, including Russia, with the help of Iraq in the reconstruction."
Jaafari pointed out that "Iraq faces a broad front of the terrorists more than 100 countries and it was very natural that Nstanfr all our efforts to confront and also asked for the support of the international coalition or outside."
The al-Jaafari said, "A few months ago we emphasized Russia more with Iraq's cooperation but do not want a piece military ground or soldiers, but as long as our security is threatened choices open and when they violate the sanctity of Iraq, we do not find there is what keeps us in that accelerate the editing process, and here we value Russia's position in support Iraq explicitly and clearly against terrorism, and so we will go international mobilization to support the Iraqi legitimacy in order to preserve its sovereignty. "
For his part, counting the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin signing of agreements with Iraq as "a way for the development of bilateral relations map".
"In this short time of our visit to Baghdad, discussed by the various working groups, bilateral development and activation of the Joint Commission between Russia and Iraq, we have developed through meetings roadmap to move forward in the various aspects of bilateral cooperation."
He added, "We have a full grasp of the internal situation in Iraq and how to strengthen relations with him," noting that "our bilateral cooperation was focused mainly on the field of energy and armament and return to the former Soviet Union."
Rogozin pointed to "Russia meet the urgent demands of the Iraqi leadership to provide it with certain military equipment and we have been able to raise the Iraqi combat readiness and we are ready to continue these efforts to address the challenges terrorist list in front of Iraqis."
He said the Russian official, "we stressed during the meeting here in Baghdad on civilian industries and we need to expand our cooperation, including transport, health, civil aviation and other sectors needed by Iraq in these difficult times where we are witnessing a sharp decline in oil prices."
He pointed out "Russia is ready to supply Iraq with a civilian aircraft Russian advanced jet fly-style fly-Amoudi," adding that "Our meeting today is not the end of cooperation it is the beginning and after our return to Russia will issue bundles of orders to the competent ministries to implement each of these agreements on the ground."
The Deputy Russian Prime Minister "We suggested to the Iraqi side that we hold the next meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Committee in Mosul after the liberation of this city, and as soon as we succeed by Iraqis in the liberation of this city, we succeed in reaching Iraq quickly and we hope that the military and technical cooperation is to help the Iraqis achieve this desired goal. "
He stressed Rogozin that "any country willing to successful cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism that Iraq will help real help, and in this context we support Baghdad's position on the refusal of the Turkish military presence without the consent of the Iraqi government is a violation of Iraq's sovereignty, these forces hinder Iraq's efforts in the fight against terrorism."
He stressed "the possibility of Russia meet Iraqi demands the military domain through three ways, the first way for the exchange of information and we have enough information from the air as well as our troops in Syria and the second way is to train Iraqi forces and the way the other to provide the Iraqi side, military equipment and equipment for a formal request from Baghdad if any We rely on this context, without which do not act as acting Turkey intervene without any approval and we consider this to be a provocative Turkish deal. "
He noted Russia's deputy prime minister that "he met in Baghdad, the Russian representative in the operations center for the coalition quartet [Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria] and assured us that the work is going to actively I heard that the exchange of information but it is characterized by secrecy and difficult to detect officially" stressing "that all partners in the this center have the same powers. "
He criticized Russian official US support for Iraq compared with Russia's support to Syria, saying that "the US efforts to slow the elimination of terrorism process more heavily, and we use qualitative arms and flour in eliminating terrorists and immediately after our intervention in Syria we have noticed an increase in the increase in the number of volunteers in the Syrian forces are increased the liberated area of ​​land there and this is what confirms the success of our intervention and Garatna which was at the request of Damascus. "
We either "with respect to the United States and the international coalition, we wish that the show such a success for us in the future, but unfortunately note in these times that the United States Panevradha can not achieve the same achievements in Syria."