Babylon Investment declares end to grant building plant "Althermiston" to a Chinese company license procedures

2016-02-11 18:43:50 | (Voice of Iraq) - Babylon

Babil province announced an investment body, on Thursday, for the completion of all the technical procedures for the granting of an investment license to a Chinese company to build the plant "Thermiston", with indicated that they have investment opportunities in the agriculture sector.

The general director of the Investment Commission of Babylon Nasr Hammoud in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "the Commission has completed all the technical procedures for the granting of an investment license to the company Beijing Chinese to create Althermiston lab and an area of ​​20 dunums in Abu Smeg industrial east side Kifl, (16 km south of Hilla), and the cost of three million dollars and a capacity of 60 thousand cubic meters per year, "he said, adding that" the Chinese company will provide the necessary infrastructure themselves. "

And between Hammoud, that "the Chinese company has contracts for a number of industrial projects with the Ministry of Industry, one of the companies sober."

On the other hand, Hammoud stressed that "the body does have investment opportunities in agriculture, both animal and vegetable sector, such as the establishment typical cattle station in the district of protoplasm (35 km northeast of Hilla), and an area of ​​210 Doanm, and the other in the hand of Imam (25 km northeast of Hilla), and two projects the first fish in hand COPD (28 km north of Hilla), and the Awfi (7 km east of Hilla), "pointing out that" the Commission relies in its investment on small spaces in the field of agriculture for water invest optimally and without wasting water. "

The Babil province's budget is not enough to finance new projects, which underscores the urgent need to encourage investment because it is the only outlet to upgrade by the province, according to officials of the province.