Numbers .. popular crowd salaries reduced after details

Thursday 11 February 2016 | 19:05

BAGHDAD / .. revealed Spokesperson for the popular crowd Ahmed al-Asadi, on Thursday, that the crowd fighters salaries reduced by 30%, while noting that they did not receive a monthly 11 salary and 12 of last year, confirmed that they had received only a salary and one of the first month of the year 2016.

He said al-Asadi's "Eye of Iraq News" that "the popular crowd salaries were reduced by 30% and there are meetings between the crowd commanders and Iraqi government officials to the presence of a new mechanism for the return of the fighters' salaries as they were previously," noting that "the popular crowd salaries for the month of 11 and 12 of the year the past has not acted so far been only pay the first month of the exchange in 2016 after the deduction of 30% of it. "

He said the "salary up to 500,000 dinars fighter while he was up to nearly 825 000 dinars," and urged the "return the popular crowd salaries as they were and Exchange dues that did not happen to them last year and February of this year."

As confirmed by a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP Aqil al-Zubeidi, earlier, the need to support the armed forces and the popular crowd and pay their salaries on a permanent basis "without procrastination," while noting that they Istron most fascinating sagas heroic in fighting "Daash" in Ramadi, Salahuddin.

So to the parliamentary finance committee revealed that the budget for fiscal 2016 include a deduction of 3% of the state employees pensions, indicating that the withheld money will be allocated to build public and the Peshmerga and the displaced.

For his part, the military wing of the Badr Organization in Kirkuk, threatened to cut off the road to Baghdad - Kirkuk to protest the reduction of the salaries of the popular crowd, and as the government called for a cease arbitrary measures against the crowd and its factions.

The Master of Martyrs Brigades threatened a faction of the popular crowd to pull out of Baiji in Salahuddin province in the absence of elements of the pay of the past months, demanding the reference and the three authorities to intervene and remedy the situation before the disaster.

And published by some media story that said, the Iraqi government began waging war on the popular crowd by cutting salaries, as well as preventing it from participating liberation of the Iraqi Alaradih because of the pressure exerted on the US-Abadi. Ended 9