Oil opens the Majnoon field station: will contribute to the production of 300 megawatts

02/11/2016 12:01:00 am
Basra / peace Khazaal

Iraqi Oil Ministry, opened on Wednesday, a gas station in the Majnoon field to processing Rumaila power station, west of Basra, part of a project to reduce gas associated with oil burning, such as Undersecretary for gas stressed that the next few years will take full advantage of the associated extraction of oil gas , through the implementation of a plan that includes the construction of new units and the rehabilitation of old units for gas processing.
The agent said Oil Minister Fayyad grace, during a press conference on the opening of a gas station in the Majnoon field, the margin for the processing of the Rumaila power station, west of Basra, in the presence of Deputy Oil Minister for Gas Hamid Zubai and a representative of Shell in the Majnoon field, and director of the South Gas Company, and attended (range Press) , "this station is the first station in the Majnoon field, part of a project to reduce associated with oil and gas investment in the natural resources flaring operations."
He said a blessing, that "the station will be dealt with first Bmrahltha 70 million standard cubic feet per day, equivalent to provide the fuel needed to produce 300 megawatts of electricity," noting that "the second phase of the project will be opened in the month of April next year."
He said a blessing, that "The Ministry of Electricity has established gas stations because they realized that the production of gas associated with oil exploiter by the ministry is not enough for the needs of power stations," he said, adding that "Iraq depends on importing gas from Iran, Turkey, Jordan, and we will stop this import when we get enough production ".
The deputy minister of oil, that "Iraq has exceeded the production of 4,000,500 thousand barrels of oil per day in all fields, including the Kurdistan region of fields," pointing out that "the export of oil to all of Iraq's fields rate amounted to 3,000,850 barrels per day."
For his part, Undersecretary for gas Hamid Zubai during the press conference, "The ministry is continuing to implement a three-pronged integrated plan to invest all the gas associated with the extraction of oil."
And that "the first phase of the plan calls for the rehabilitation of units of the old gas processing, while the second phase includes the establishment of units of new treatment in the oil fields, which holds the development of foreign companies under the licensing rounds, while the third phase is designed to keep pace with the increase in associated gas resulting from the increase in oil production." .
The gas Basra announced, on Friday, The (30 May 2014), as increased production from 220 to 500 standard cubic feet (Mqmq), which indicated that it will reflect positively on the processing power plants, while confirmed the Provincial Council, (590 km South of Baghdad), that this increase contributed to the increased production of the Rumaila plant to 600 megawatts, pointed out that the contract will be signed with Iran to extend gas pipeline to gas stations to maintain obstetrics need to secure in light of insufficient domestic production.
The Majnoon field is one of the five largest oil fields in the world, the Iraqi Oil Ministry believes it has a stock of up to 38 billion barrels, and they began to extract oil from operations in 1978, and then stopped altogether because of the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) and in late 2009 it reached production of the field of national effort to 90 thousand barrels per day, and in 2010 contracted by the Ministry of oil the second licensing round, with a consortium led by Royal Dutch Shell, Anglo-Dutch to develop the field, as entered into alliance contracts with foreign and local companies to help dig wells new pipelayers and build surface facilities and cleanse the field of mines and unexploded projectiles war.