Maliki in a pessimistic view: there is no hope, even if we passed Daash economic crisis

2016-02-11 00:34:42 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

The head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq needs a political accommodation end security and economic challenges.

He said in a speech today at the Second Conference of the Council of the unified clans Iraq "has to be a political accord ending the state of controversies and political harassment and contributes to achieving security and is working on the development of the economy."

"It is no hope for a breakthrough, even if we were able to Daash and we passed the economic crisis, because the stability and the completion of the construction process does not happen without a commitment to joint action base."
He noted that the partnership a sound principle but must not slip on the homeland and the citizen's interest expense, Partnership is a source of strength to rebuild Iraq but we must not only the principle of partnership on the political forces but also includes all the Iraqi people. "

He explained, "We want to invest the bounties of our country and assure everyone that Iraq is a unified country does not accept the division by two and rejects interference for privacy and stands his sons description of one particular challenge, denounced attempts to interfere by some regional neighboring countries in the internal affairs of Iraq.