Agricultural Bank achieves the granting of a loan of 15 billion dinars in the forged papers


(Independent) ... expressed the Agricultural Bank, in Neve granting of loans to investors with forged papers, his intention to investigate the loan and send "Aillarth" to the Committee and the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision.

According to a statement of the bank, it received a (independent), copy of which was that "some media outlets picked up a report via one of the channels claimed he had been threatened by one of the investors and called Salam Abdullah painful Zayer] he [investor] got an agricultural loan from the Agricultural Bank with forged papers."

He added that "In this regard we would like a statement that the applicant has met all the conditions for lending the loan project."

He added that "the loan granted to the project has been documented guarantees of real estate valued at 15 billion dinars, an amount more than the loan amount," stressing that "the loan granted by a bank mechanics is based on the detection sites for the project by the committees shared detected between the agricultural Bank and the Directorate of Agriculture Diyala has proved Notes committees detected in the documented reports reveal a civil project. "

The statement pointed out that" the project Asthsal all approvals from the sectoral authorities in the Ministry of Agriculture, including the General Authority for livestock "pointing out that" the agricultural Bank depends on his work on the books issued by the relevant authorities to prove ownership of the land and leave the project work, " and added that" the bank is determined to send binders loan to the parliamentary integrity Committee and the integrity Commission and the Office of financial supervision and the Office of the Inspector General in the Finance and Agriculture ministries he is also determined to establish a lawsuit against those who have been a source for the report in which the agricultural Bank of names in order to discredit and slander after support health treatment measures by the concerned departments above. "

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said in a televised speech yesterday, that the application form industrial, agricultural and residential loans funded by the Central Bank of Iraq, will be launched electronically during the month, "the supervision of a supreme committee keen to carefully selected to ensure the integrity and transparency, with private lending for university graduates and young people into account."