The Ministry of Defense announces the completion of editing Ramadi operations

Observer in News, Security 02/09/2016
the Defense Ministry announced Tuesday for the completeness edit Ramadi operations, as condemned what calls it "attempts to discredit and shading," affirmed the determination Iraqi forces to go to Nineveh province to release it from the control of the organization "Daash." The ministry said in a statement briefed "Iraq law," a copy of it, "the patience and fortitude typical for men of our armed forces brave and planning operational exact strategy and vision in the battle management, which are arranged in which forms and weapons and the leaders of our military valiant and counter-terrorism forces of the Federal valiant and the police in accordance with the principle of complementarity of roles and exchanged pleased and in every sense of pride that you bled Bushra completeness edit the heroic city of Ramadi operations and cleared of Aldoaash abomination, and declared free Iraqi proud completely after the troops completed their tasks and completed a triumphant military operations there. " The statement added, "We have completed the task of men Fulfil the Covenant and achieved the desired hope for liberalization of gray in an epic heroic performance rare, featured not only operations approach only where the insight, planning and patience and Almtaulh brilliant strategy, but also honorably and bright features are military operations clean adopted the principle of conservation the civilians as much as possible a strategic goal, the troops engaged Abjahdha in order to achieve even at the expense over the period of time that it took the edits, this feature has a clear vision and strategic direction of the highest pyramid military leadership down below. " The statement pointed out that "despite all raised here and there, all talk of operations for the Liberation of Ramadi stopped or slowness, despite all attempts to discredit and shading promoted by some who scorer and private agendas, but the work continues patiently preceded by preparations for the logistics of high-level Omentha the Ministry of Defense and created from during a typical battle of professional precision management rules it has been able to overcome the Aldoaash and Champions course of their operations, which has essentially to take civilians as shields and booby avenue and mining the roads and buildings miserable approach strategies. " He continued that "the victory of Ramadi in which the mixed pure blood of Iraqis and took a victory home, puts us on the threshold of another phase Snmlaha work and preparation, determination and mettle and the vision to be soon in the glue Mosul .. are coming, Nineveh fill the mouth, determination and certainty and vigor and perseverance." The Joint Special Operations Command announced (28 December 2015), the liberation of the city of Ramadi from the control of the organization "Daash", as pointed out to raise the Iraqi flag over the government complex.