Known to the banks and the number of accounts in which the Kurdistan region puts oil revenues
Tue, 09 Feb 2016 16:46:46

Observer news / Baghdad

Revealed Soran Omar, a member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, on the banks in which the Ministry of Natural Resources in the region put the proceeds of the sale of oil names.

A member of the Islamic group block, said Tuesday, "The Ministry of Natural Resources in the province has 36 bank accounts of oil revenues."
"Will you can repeat the ministry and the government to clarify those accounts and the amount of money deposited in it?".

Omar said that the names of banks that called for an inventory of the Ministry of Natural Resources where the accounts are "HSBC Bank, Bank of Kurdistan, Citibank and the Bank, the German bank and the Commerzbank, and Bank of Dubai, Turkey and the World Bank HALKBANK".