In the Kurdish parliament member confirms that oil sales during the past two months is enough to pay the salaries of staff

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confirmed the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc member of Parliament of the Kurdistan region, on Tuesday, that the oil sales in the region the size of the two months the last two are sufficient to provide salaries for all staff, adding that the government will not succeed in its reforms without real support by the parliament. Salar Mahmoud said, according to the Sumerian News, said that "according to the official information available, the Kurdistan oil sales volume during the past two months are sufficient to provide salaries," noting that "the citizens of the Kurdistan region more aware of the attempts by some to hide the facts and distorted." He said Mahmoud, that "the government will not succeed in its reforms without real support by the parliament and its members," explaining that "the rapid activation of the role of the parliament and the government to apply the principle of transparency before the members of parliament will be a catalyst to overcome the current crisis." He pointed Mahmoud that "members of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament have made during the last period of dozens of projects as well as the demand to question the Minister of Natural Resources and the prime minister for several times," noting that "the nature of the political consensus which was established by the Government of the Territory was an impediment to the interrogation process." Mahmoud stressed "the need to put pressure on political parties to activate the parliament without conditions or evasive to resolve the existing problems in accordance with the law", warning that it "can not continue in the current style of governance." KRG announced (February 2, 2016) for the export of 18 million and 656 thousand and 131 barrels of oil during the month of January of 2016 through the tube of the Kurdistan region's oil. And saw the cities of Sulaymaniyah and Arbil on Monday, the protests of the staff and members of the police Sdror following the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government to cut employees' salaries, as demanded the government rescind its decision.