Iraq: the financial crisis close commercial Mlhakyate in 8 countries


Tuesday , February 9, 2016

Iraq announced today the cancellation of eight commercial attache offices him in the Arab capitals and foreign countries due to the financial crisis faced by the weakness of trade with those countries .. while his government has decided to replace a number of contracted Boeing planes worth $ 5.5 billion without new costs.

The Iraqi Ministry of Trade today it decided to suspend work in eight commercial attache offices in Kenya, Syria, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Tunisia and Sarlinka and Australia in addition to the Iraqi commercial center in Istanbul because of the financial crisis and the weakness of the commercial exchanges with these countries.

She noted the ministry that the lack of financial have allocations in the current year budget 2016 has forced it to suspend the work of these commercial attachés in different parts of the world, hinting in a press statement today read the text "Culture" to the possibility of the transfer of its business to other places did not explain them. She said the stop work of the Missions also due to the lack of the process of trade and the lack of economic cooperation between Iraq and these countries .. pointing out that the work of these cultural missions is through the Department of Economic Relations at the ministry in terms of follow-up and official correspondence with those countries.

The ministry noted that the inclusion of this Attaches with closure due to the weakness of economic cooperation with the countries in which .. confirming the need to open Attaché in Turkey at the present time where they will be relying on the commercial attaché in Ankara to oversee the task of trade exchange with Turkey.

Today, Travel & Tourism companies in Baghdad confirmed that bookings to Turkey said 80% after tightened to grant Iraqis visas procedures (visa) The civil Aviation authority expected decline in the number of flights to the Turkish city called for a number of traders on the government to intervene to demand that Ankara make it easy for them to avoid an economic crisis.

The owner of one of the tour operators downtown Baghdad's Fadhil Hassan said that "Turkey's announcement to tighten granting visas to Iraqis, led to a decline in travel bookings to 80%," it returned to "Turkish decision is a blow to the travel and tourism companies." Hassan said in a statement to "long-Press" that "most of the work of the travel and tourism companies linked to Turkey as it is the nature of the facilities as well as the volume of trade exchange with capacity," noting that "facilities provided by Turkey was a source of livelihood for the travel and tourism companies."

For his part, a spokesman for the civil Aviation authority, Akram Laibi said that "the procedures to be applied by Turkey on the tenth of this month will decrease the number of flights between the two countries," .. pointing out that "it will reflect negatively on the financial resource, both for Iraq or for the airlines."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turkey announced on the sixth of this month for her country's determination to get the Iraqis to impose tough measures on visas (visa) to the territory attributed to the quest to reduce the "illegal immigration."