IRAQ: Public Financial Mgmt Reform

The objective of the Public Finance Management (PFM) Project is to support the Government of Iraq's (GoI) efforts to develop more effective, accountable, and transparent public financial management. The project has four components: 1) strengthening budget formulation and implementation; 2) strengthening public sector procurement; 3) strengthening budget execution and implementation; and 4) capacity development and project management.

To achieve component goals, the project finances international and local technical assistance, limited procurement of goods, and significant capacity building measures for relevant public sector staff. The eventual outcome of the project is that relevant government authorities in Iraq, at all levels, have new systems in place, including the appropriate training framework, to enable them to provide the more effective, efficient, and transparent, management of public resources.

The project focuses on a few critical activities deemed achievable in a relatively short timeframe. In each component, the focus is on relatively straightforward 'process' interventions, capacity building, and donor coordination. These design features are based on lessons from the last few years of experience with projects in Iraq as well as the lessons from PFM projects in post-conflict situations.

IRAQ PFMP Public Financial Management Program February 28, 2014