Member of the parliamentary integrity: countries subsist on smuggled Iraqi funds

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[Baghdad - where]
a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee said that there are countries that subsist on smuggled Iraqi funds, which have been bleached and washed them.

He said commission member Adel Nouri told all of Iraq [where] that "Iraq has approached some countries to Hkv for money smuggled value, but there are countries that do not cooperate and subsist on whitening these Almiarat of dollars and bleached and washed."
He pointed out that "These funds will help these countries in investment, because the value of billions of dollars, and this huge amount of money getaway not easy and help revive the economy. "

He said Nuri said" Iraq is unable to recover the money unless prescribed private retrieved and the holding of common understandings and to put pressure on these countries, such as closing laws its interests in Iraq, "noting that" has some of the names of the corrupt who have escaped this money and their locations Committee. "

the House of Representatives, shaped during its meeting yesterday, a parliamentary committee to see money diverted from Iraq, while the legal Committee - said one of the author to go after the money committees Iraqi smuggled - it would issue a decision obliging the government to investigate the accounts and balances that hover around doubts and Alhbhatt.anthy 2