Deputy for Law: We do not mind the inclusion of specific categories of the general amnesty law

Date: 02/09/2016 12:07 | Visits: 112

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He expressed coalition of law Khalid al-Asadi, on Tuesday, the coalition of no objection from the inclusion of minors and exceeded the 60-year-old convicted of civil crimes, the general amnesty law.

He said al-Asadi, told / information /, "If these groups are included terrorist issues I ruled to approve the buyout, the general amnesty law, but if they are covered by a civil penalty issues is tight, we have no objection."

He explained that "it is possible that the interventions and discussions occur within the parliament in this regard," noting that "the foundation thing is the completion of the legislation in front of the point of view of Parliament and the political blocs, and each block her attitudes toward the law."

He pointed out that al-Asadi "equally uncertain if the law that is going through the inclusion of civil crimes, in order to give a chance for people to continue to integrate them into society."

It is said that the amnesty law is a law that did not reach the political blocs after a final agreement on it, in order to pass the Alberlman.anthy / 25 s