Communications attributes the "lost" license-fourth of the current economic situation

Baghdad / Acer Jabbar
Izzat Ministry of Communications, on Monday, referring fourth mobile license for the private sector to the "economic situation that is currently experienced by the country," stressing that it will be participating company that would win them through the best use of the infrastructure.
The agent said the ministry, Amir al-Bayati said in an interview (range Press), that "the CMC obtained the approval of the Council of Ministers to refer the fourth mobile license to the private sector, because of the economic situation the country is going through now."
Al-Bayati said, "The fourth license had been granted to the government sector through the ministry, as scheduled basis, it would have required time to achieve the desired profits, unlike the case with raised for the private sector through public auction, with the participation of international companies," noting that it "achieves resource quickly the state contributes to help them overcome the economic situation is critical. "
He said the government official, that "the ministry has begun moves with the relevant actors as having the components related to the infrastructure that can be tapped, especially cable and optical accessories, as well as technical and operational staffs who trained at high levels and can provide services in this area," asserting that "the ministry is studying the possibility of entering with a company that Serso auctioned for the fourth license directly, or after the duration, but in both cases will have a role in the fourth license."
He said al-Bayati, "The fourth license based on LTE technology that you need to optical cable which is owned by the ministry," returned to "the company that will win a fourth license could have to take advantage of this cable in cooperation with the ministry."
The LTE technology which stands Long Term Evolution is the new standard for fourth generation networks in 4G wireless communications for broadband package, provides a very high speed of data transmission compared with the techniques and standards iPhone 3G.
The Ministry of Communications, revealed in (the 28th of January 2016), the withdrawal of the Cabinet for the fourth license, upon request, the CMC, saying it continues to pursue its "right" to have it legally.
The Communications and Media Commission confirmed in (the 13th of December 2015 the past), that the amount of the fourth license is held up to three billion dollars, indicating that it had received requests from international companies to get a license, and that the Ministry of Communications has resorted to the judiciary instead of applying for them