Kurdish Minister: Payroll will change and prices will fall

2016-02-09 06:02:24 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Minister of Education announced that the government of the Kurdistan region of employees' salaries will be distributed monthly and on a regular basis, stressing that the salary schedule will be changed and will not remain as it is.

According to a statement of the ministry responded to the Twilight News, said the education minister in the provincial government پstiwan Sadiq held a meeting with the Director-General of Education Arbil and all the general managers in the education of Arbil with managers and assistants and staff education and teaching in the province.

The statement said the minister touched on during the meeting to the economic situation in the region and explain many of the points.

He said Sadiq confirmed that the payroll before will not remain as it is and will be conducted by the changes in the coming months, pointing out that the salary will be distributed on a regular basis a month and will reduce prices of goods and commodities in the markets.