The government only withdraw "financial laws" to be adjusted to suit the reforms

2016-02-09 07:02:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi backtracked on the decision to withdraw all the laws that the previous government had sent to the House of Representatives after the agreement with the legislative authority to determine the laws to be modified to comply with government reforms.

Legal Committee revealed 15 send a draft law to the government out of the 200 parliamentary committees legislation is working to complete the approval stages.

The Commission talks about understanding and rapprochement between the government and the parliament to prevent the obstruction of the legislative role, by providing the government for its observations on the relevant financial obligations laws.

The Cabinet decided, early last September, the withdrawal of laws submitted projects to the House of Representatives by the previous government for re-review and formulation. "

Says MP Salim Shawki, a member of the Legal Committee (range), "The federal government has asked in previous periods of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives provided with all the existing laws have felt then that this request can not deal with him because it would lead to empty the parliament of laws."

Shawki pointed out that "the House of Representatives set up a committee designated turn the existing laws with the legislative branch, which is a conventions and treaties and laws involving financial coca is classified as controversial."

Added Bloc MP for the citizen "These parliamentary committee agreed with the Council of Ministers to determine the law to be amended or revised by the government, as well as the inability to send all the existing laws in the parliament to the government."

He said a member of the legal committee to "The committee also agreed to write the laws, which include the financial implications are not in line with Abadi reforms, and passed to the government." He noted that "Parliament will commence in the next phase of several important laws to back the reform of the judicial process as an amendment to the judicial prosecution and supervision of the judicial system and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Court Act."

An estimated MP Salim Chawki existing laws in the legislature included 200 law. Indicating that the number of laws that have dragged the government "does not exceed 15 legally," refused to disclose details.

But another member of the legal committee says that "the government has withdrawn 54 law of the House of Representatives," pointing to "the existence of opinion in the legislature calling for the continuation of this legislation drawn laws."

MP says Amin Bakr, a member of the legal committee, said that "there are bills reached the stages of the vote and therefore the House of Representatives considers it necessary to complete and the government to give advice and show the note about any law, rather than return to it again."

Confirms Bakr, told the (range), "the existence of understanding and rapprochement between the legislative and executive branches on the last send its observations on any law to take it before the Parliamentary Standing Committees." And it considers that this understanding granting the parliament the green light to continue enactment of these laws.

The legal adviser to the president of the House of Representatives, he emphasizes that "the laws that the government has demanded drag, during the past months, are still found at the Parliament did not send to the Council of Ministers."

He says adviser morning Karbouli, told the (range), "The House of Representatives in the past that this legislation existing laws to include at its committees and continues to hold its meetings in order to pass these laws."

Karbouli He pointed out that "the government it wants to pull through these laws, in which the financial bush, adjusted in line with the repercussions of the economic crisis experienced by Iraq." Revealing "the parliament to send a commission to the Council of Ministers to determine the laws to be amended, but the government did not specify these laws."

It is expected the parliamentary adviser that "the government backtracked on its earlier decision to withdraw the laws of the House of Representatives to make some amendments and additions to it."