«Parliamentary Finance» demanding regardless dues peasants of the Treasury Bonds

0802 2016
He asked a member of the parliamentary finance committee Najiba Najib, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the ministers of trade and finance regardless dues peasants of agricultural crops for the past two seasons.

Najib said at a press conference in the House of Representatives, «We demand Abadi and the Ministers of Finance and Trade to quickly pay dues of farmers for the past two seasons, so as to affected farmers and they sell their land, as well as it has hurt the process of crop marketing».

She stressed that «the Commission has demanded several times in the presence of Abadi and Commerce Minister to come to the Parliament and to clarify the reasons for non-payment of dues, most recently in the history of 10.31.2015 but we have not received an answer from the Presidency of the Parliament on determining the date for their attendance».

She asked «Why do not you pay dues peasants of Treasury bonds under the authority set by the budget and not rely only on the revenue».

In another matter, the Ministry of Agriculture has regained the amount of 1.2 million dollars from a US company for a contract signed with them before 2003.

An official source at the ministry, said that «the ministry was able to recover the amount of 1.2 million dollars from the US brough my company to a contract signed with them before 2003, and a personal effort by the minister», without giving further details.

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