Abadi confirms that the government has begun the basic needs for reform

Policy visit confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the government began the basic needs for reform in order to build a state of institutions, while expressing the ambassadors of the major industrialized countries (G7) country's full support to Iraq to cope with the financial crisis as a result of the collapse of oil prices. Ebadi said the Office in a statement briefed "Iraq law", a copy of "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met in his office on Sunday, the ambassadors of major industrialized nations (G7) with UN representative Jan Kubiš," noting that "the ambassadors of the countries expressed their support for their country full of Iraq in the financial crisis as a result of the collapse in oil prices and to find ways and alternatives and solutions to overcome them and to provide the gravity of the Iraqi economy. " The statement added, "The ambassadors reiterated their position on support for Iraq in its war against terrorism," adding, "They have expressed their blessing to the victories achieved on the terrorist gangs." "The ambassadors expressed their support for the reforms carried out by al-Abadi and support her through the advent of experiences of Iraq and training Iraqi cadres." He said al-Abadi, according to the statement, that "Iraq is passing through these challenges and difficult circumstances and that is an opportunity to restructure the Iraqi economy more efficient manner through the multiplicity of its resources," he said, adding "we started the basic needs for reform in order to build a state of institutions is not a goal of crossing the crisis only but building safe and sound economy going by the Iraqi state. " It is noteworthy that Iraq live under a severe financial crisis due to the deficit in the state budget as a result of the sharp and continuous decline in world oil prices, which amounted to less than $ 30 per barrel, where Iraq will depend on the general budget on oil revenues by 95%.