State law encourages Mishan Jubouri expose all corrupt like him !!

Mon 02/08/2016 15:43
Iraq today / special
Sunday, launching a leader of the Islamic Dawa Party - Khalaf Abdul Samad, a fierce campaign on the theme of deputations, and what it represents the waste of public money, and the country live this financial situation Alassab.aleom back deputy of the State of Law coalition, to raid again on Castle Alaivadat - Hassan Sinead, who is also chairman of the Committee on the affairs of the member in the House of Representatives, disclosed us the beginning:
"He wrote to the Presidency of the Council, to cancel all amounts deputations and travel funds for all members of the council and staff, and carrying the deputy or employee, full travel expenses," he admitted Sinead then, indirectly, that Aivadat officials, to Amouka her voice to do something useful: " the officials must stop trips unnecessary, and refrain from wasteful in all circles, "the next nails in an interview with Sinead, imagine we are in our newspaper, it was for the Supreme Council, which had been accused of intent to question the Minister of it - Bayan Jabr, as political, where we read: "the spoilers are finding in the bloc of defending them, uncritical charges or discuss it, and this is evident in charge of any attempt for questioning, they (political target)," and went on Sinead forward on this issue, where he found that the " the blocks that have the ministers in the government, to desist from their defense, before being interrogated, and leave MP questioned, make observations and criticisms in front of the people, the Iraqis to hear the answers to the minister, these most basic rights of the citizen in the Constitution, "Concerning the MP Mishan al-Jubouri, sensational statements controversial, was the snide this comment: "the uncles of corruption at all, blame the whole, is an attempt to shuffle the cards, and coverage on whales corrupt, and who has the evidence and the charges should hasten to expose, to eliminate, integrity and the media, and announced to the people, after confirmation of its credibility, and because they are not forged and fabricated, "and disclosed Sinead beyond what is between him and al-Jubouri:" I asked MP Mishan al-Jubouri, to submit to the Supreme Judicial Council and the Commission on Public integrity, all shared his documents, against any official in the state, and in what degree was ..soa in the current government or previous governments, and to inform the House and its committees concerned on what is in possession of the charges, "and added in conclusion," and to direct his accusations names and positions, without talking Balaiham and uncles, Viwkz innocent lost in the spoiler, and makes the offender safe from punishment. "