Kurdish lawmakers are demanding disclosure of accounts and assets of the governments in Baghdad and Erbil officials in banks in the world

08/02/2016 14:19

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} deputies of Kurdish blocs demanded disclosure of the accounts and balances of political officials and influential families in the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional governments since 2003 until today in the banks in the world.

According to a statement issued by the House of Representatives Hoshyar Abdullah for mass change. Otherwise, Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, and Ahmed Haji Rashid of the Islamic Bloc group and Muthana Amin rare for the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "in light of the financial crisis asphyxiating plaguing Iraq today, rising voices calling for disclosure of the reasons for financial crisis in the rich oil wealth country, Fajtvae country's wealth means having influential people smuggled public money to foreign banks, and the Iraqi people wondering today about the fate of the oil revenues, which have been exported during the previous years at a time when the debt incurred large amounts of money to the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional government. "

He added that" corruption today is threatening the Iraqi state at heart, has become more dangerous than Daash and terrorism, but as long as the demonstrators demanded religious authorities the government to put an end to corruption and to find financial solutions to the crisis, but We have not touched the serious measures in this regard, the government did not provide serious solutions that blocks the road to the corrupt who Nkroa the structure of the state for years. "

He stressed that" we are in the Kurdish blocs, as long as we launched our calls and appealed to the concerned authorities to open this file, and we call on the executive, legislative and judicial powers and authorities religious and the international community to form a new coalition to fight corruption in Iraq, according to a mechanism includes the prosecution of money smuggled abroad and disclosure of accounts and balances officials and political influential and families at the federal and the KRG governments since 2003 until today in the banks in the world, and to disclose any real estate or companies or funds back to Iraqi officials abroad from the top of the pyramid of the authorities down to the degree of general manager or returning to their families and relatives. "

He said that" it is the duty of all the Iraqi authorities and national forces today to address the international community in this regard as soon as possible, and if the international coalition is serious in maintaining the interest of Iraq it has to take practical steps in this regard to help restore the Iraqi people money stolen by corrupt, so fairness of justice, not only for the recovery of funds may help us to overcome the current financial crisis.

The deputies called in their statement, "the federal government is also the United Nations addressed officially to issue an international resolution to detect all Iraqi smuggled money and work to retrieve it to the state treasury and accounting of all the corrupt who have caused in the delivery of the situation to where we are, ".anthy